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Finding Inspiration in Singapore’s Melting Pot with @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie

For more photos and videos of Lin’s recipes, follow @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie on Instagram.

15-year-old Singapore Instagrammer Gan Chin Lin (@tumblinbumblincrumblincookie) found her passion for food and photography in the midst of a challenging time. “During my recovery from an eating disorder, I used my love for food to pull me up and spur me on to a full recovery and now it has evolved into a full blown passion,” Lin says. “I started from researching recipes and basic food concepts and adapting them to make my own recipes. Now I’m beginning to branch out into creating my own. As I’ve also always had an avid passion for the arts and photography, it made sense to integrate both interests and that was how I started my Instagram account!”

"Singapore’s multi-cultural backdrop means that we have an especially vibrant food scene, everything from Indian and Malay to Chinese and European," she says. "I find inspiration in flavor combinations and spices from different cuisines to fuse in my dishes and combine those with my belief in fresh and healthy food." Lin also finds inspiration in fellow Instagrammers Siobhan O’Brien (@superfoodsiobhan), Grace Chan (@honeyydrizzle), Juliet Rodriguez (@julietisamommy) and Izy Hossack (@topwithcinnamon). “These friendships I’ve formed over Instagram are further cemented by the passions we share. Their ventures into cuisine and photography always give me much inspiration.”

Proud :-)

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